Now Hiring - Full time Post-doctorate Fellows, PhD Fellows & Research Assistants

Our group is now inviting applications for Post-doctorate Fellows, PhD Fellows & Research Assistant for the coming academic year.

The program offers numerous close collaboration opportunities with top industry partners in the US, mainland China and elsewhere. PhD students will have the opportunity to have summer internships or participate in exchange programs with these institutions.

All positions are fully funded. In addition, highly qualified PhD applicants maybe be nominated for Hong Kong PhD Fellowships and other similar honor schemes.

Research Areas

  • Generative Conversational AI
  • Responsible, Faithful, and Trust-worthy AI
  • Safety in Large Language Models
  • Vision-language (multimodal) learning
  • Multilingual and Low Resource Language Learning
  • Reasoning and Common Sense Learning in NLP
  • Machine Learning for Life Science
  • Machine Learning for Art and Creativity
  • AI Ethics and Governance
  • Research Projects